The River Newsroom


Is Inpatient Behavioral Health Care Gone for Good in Ulster County?

An investigation into whether Westchester Medical used the pandemic as an excuse to get rid of inpatient psych and detox in Kingston. September 2020 (Awarded Best Digital News Project, 750,000 monthly visitors or less, by the Local Media Association)

Dutchess County Sheriff's Deputy Under Investigation for Social Media Posts

An investigation into racist online activity by the president of the local PBA—which led to the officer's suspension. March 2021

'Stop and Frisk' Finds Few Guns, Many Critics in Kingston

A joint law enforcement campaign made over 1,300 stops, but nabbed only five firearms. January 2021

The Green Gold Rush

A deep dive into why New York State didn't end marijuana prohibition in 2019. July 2019

The State of Sex Ed in New York

What should sex education look like in the era of #MeToo? August 2019

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The Guardian

The family whose Black Lives Matter sign shook their conservative town

In the tiny Catskills community of White Sulphur Springs, there are a couple dozen Trump signs—and one house with Biden and Black Lives Matter signs. But even though everyone knows each other, there isn’t much dialogue. September 2020

Perhaps the best dinosaur fossil ever discovered. So why has hardly anyone seen it?
Two feuding families, a Montana rancher called the Dino Cowboy, and one of the most exciting paleontological finds of the century. July 2019, recognized by

The New York Times

Sacred Songs, Secular Spots

A profile of the Renaissance Street Singers, an atheist choir that performs in the streets of New York. April 2013

Bringing Bebop Back Home
At Bill's Place, a jazz speakeasy in Harlem. November 2014

A Place That Plucks Heartstrings

Visiting a West Village guitar salon, in the footsteps of Paul Simon. February 2014

Yes! Magazine

Return to Nature

Green burial goes beyond not polluting. It's about people needing and caring for land, conducting life-affirming activities there—including death. September 2019, cover

The Unique Arts Festival Where Performers Play for Their Health Care

Reporting on O+ Festival in upstate NY, which establishes a radical community-betterment exchange. November 2018

Other selected features... 

The Siren Song of the Mighty Towa Towa

On empire, nostalgia, transnational economies, finch singing competitions, and the Caribbean. Roads & Kingdoms, May 2017

Visiting an Experimental, Do-It-Yourself Library in Brooklyn

At the Sorted Library, a library/art project about archiving, memory, collections, and discovery. Literary Hub, July 2018

How a 27-Year-Old College Dropout Is Simplifying Health Care

A profile of an innovative digital health care company. Fortune, October 2016

Street Fight
In and amongst the community-led redevelopment efforts of Brownsville, Brooklyn. BKLYNR, August 2013

What's Behind the Texas Breakfast Taco Wars
On gentrification and food politics in Austin. Extra Crispy, June 2016

Can Starbucks Make It In Italy?

An historical look at Italian coffee culture, or: the grande caramel macchiato comes to Milan. Extra Crispy, August 2016


The Art of the P̶o̶s̶s̶i̶b̶l̶e̶ Doable

How COVID-19 became a galvanizing event for the use of real-world data. September 2021

The Caregiver Conundrum

Healthcare marketers have finally acknowledged the importance of reaching caregivers. May 2021

'Let's Activate the Universe'

Inside health-tech's efforts to spur better recruitment for clinical trials. May 2020

Best Behavior
Two behavioral marketing campaigns illustrate the challenges of resonating with patients. March 2020

Saving Face?

Facebook's reputation as a responsible steward of personal data took a hit with the Cambridge Analytica scandal. How are its patient communities responding? September 2018

Brooklyn Magazine

Voices Carry
Out in Sunset Park with the copwatch group El Grito. September 2015

Letting Go
A cover profile of Noah Baumbach, on the occasion of While We're Young. March 2015, cover

Strange Ways: The Long Journey of Howard Fishman

In Brooklyn and Helsinki with the itinerant folk musician. September 2015